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As your strategic partners, our goal is to explore and discover the essence of your core values as a business or organization to truly convey what you want to say and sell in the most meaningful and significant way. Sometimes that means re-organizing, re-inventing, re-invigorating your inner workings, retooling your approach, re-investing in your staff or equipment, or re-visiting your mission.

We are devoted to offering the highest level of creative design and strategic brand development to our clients for the purpose of promoting their highest value to the world.

We’re here to help you Shine.


Julie Sullivan (formerly of Sullivan Casper Design; Sullivan Scully Design Group; Sullivan Santamaria Design, and Julie Sullivan Design) leads Shine Creative Industries and has amassed a reputation for fresh design, collaborative client relationships and effective approaches to visual identity and branding campaigns. As the founder and leader of several accomplished design firms, she and her partners have worked for all types of businesses, educational institutions, healthcare providers, national parks and nonprofits.

Awards include recognition from the American Association of Museums, the National Park Service, the Rocky Mountain Book Publishers Association, and Publishers Association of the West.

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Jenean Merkel Perelstien is the founder of Alchemie Academy and Internal Alchemie, and has successfully guided our clients through challenges and changes to achieve their desired outcomes. Our partnering with Alchemie Academy helps us shine a brighter light on our clients’ deeper marketing and branding needs. For projects that require visioning, naming, board development, executive coaching, restructuring, business management consultation, or other success strategies, a little Alchemie can turn anything to gold.

A recent exciting project with Jenean and her team was the complete re-visioning, renaming and rebranding of The Flagstaff Arts Council.

Lara Gomora is a graduate of Northern Arizona University with a Visual Communications degree, emphasis in Graphic Design. She has a strong background in retail business management and marketing. Lara has worked in marketing communications with Julie Sullivan for over 10 years on the creation and successful management of a large 3-day event: Pickin’ in the Pines Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Festival. Ms. Gomora brings excellent organizational skills in addition to bright, creative input to our new entity. We are excited and honored to have her on board. Recent projects include Freshwater Policy ConsultingWhere Dinosaurs Roamed, La Posada Hotel, and more.

Chris “Barley” Kirby is an independent contractor with a degree in Visual Communication and a diverse background in computer graphics and sustainable agriculture. Barley is a critical team member who we collaborate with on 90% of our web work. He is not only one of the kindest people we know, but an enormous talent in web design and development. He rarely says no, a testament to his fortitude and dedication to creating stellar and effective results for our clients. Chris keeps abreast of developments in the rapid-fire change environment of web design, always implementing cutting-edge research and new design tools. Recent projects include Lowell ObservatoryGuida WoodworksFlagstaff Arts Council and more.

Dawn Kish’s photographic reach extends to the outer edges of our planet. She has been commissioned to shoot from the highest peaks to the grittiest cities, for editorial and corporate assignments. With stunning insight and vision, she approaches her subjects with the curious mind of a storyteller, focusing the arrow of her lens into the heart of her subjects—whether editorial or commercial, animate or inanimate. She is both muse and technician, coaxing and seeking a natural essence within the crosshairs of her camera, while creating photographic works that teach, inspire, spark and delight. She captures stellar scenes of nature, in addition to compelling images of ordinary and extraordinary people that fuel our desire for more of each and every story they silently convey. Some of Ms. Kish’s stable of prestigious clients include National Geographic, Arizona Highways, National Park Foundation, Coca Cola, and Shine Creative Industries. Most of our portfolio was shot by Dawn, including the portraits for Julie, Mary, Merk, and Lara. Visit Dawn’s website.

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