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Full Circle Charities

When we first began working with Bill and Barbara Packard on Full Circle Trade and Thrift, we were blessed to witness the amazing things they were able to do for our community and wondered what might be next. (We knew they couldn’t sit still!) Out of their deep philanthropic desire to continue to help local non-profits, schools, artists and other charities, they created another win-win: Cash for Local Change (CFLC). CFLC has raised over $100,000 in 2 short years.
Still not satisfied and knowing they could do more, they moved forward to fill the need to feed the hungry and working poor of our community. They created The People’s Pantry where anyone can shop once a week and pick out their own groceries for free instead of having pre-made boxes that are only available at the local food bank once a month.
In addition we developed another brand, all still based on the original Full Circle Trade & Thrift brand for Full Circle Collections, a model where people can donate valuable collections to be auctioned with a portion of the sales given to charity.


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