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Branding, Web Design

Canyoneers is the oldest commercial river company continuously plowing through roiling, raging rapids and magnificently carved canyons and chasms, since 1938. Family owned with ties to the legendary Norm Nevills, owners Laurie Lee & Cameron Stavely hired us to develop all new branding and a new website to convey some of the Grand Canyon’s majesty and wonder, (albeit digitally!) and the thrill of a once in a lifetime experience on the Colorado River. We are happy with the results, but there’s no substitute for a real river trip—therefor we command you to book a trip with them right now!  We thank them for sending us all down on an exciting and memorable photoshoot with the awesomely talented photographer and videographer, Dawn Kish.

Shine Team:
Julie Sullivan: Art Director/Designer
Lara Gomora: Designer, Web developer
Dawn Kish: Photography

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