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Flagstaff Arts Council

Naming, Branding, Web Design

The Flagstaff Cultural Partners approached us to update their brand, through our collaborative partner Jenean “Merk” Perelstein, founder of Alchemie Academy/Internal Alchemie. Together, we hosted several board retreats and strategy sessions. This in-depth process revealed that a new name was also necessary to reflect the organization’s revised mission, growth and management changes.

Our challenge was to create two logos and a website that distinguished the actual performing art center and gallery space from the managing organization, while still showing their interdependence. We based our solutions on a Venn diagram, which symbolized the relationship between the creative community the client served, the art center, and the overseeing organization creating a connected synergy happening in the middle.

Additionally, we were asked to develop the logo and branding for Artbox Institute, a professional development program for artists.

Shine Team:
Julie Sullivan: Art Director/Designer
Mary Ross: Designer
Chris Kirby: Website

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The Shine Team is professional, astonishingly talented, and richly creative. The process to develop our new brand was fun and smooth, and the results speak for themselves. Our new brand and website have paid off for us in all the ways we hoped and in many ways we couldn’t have predicted. I wholeheartedly recommend Julie Sullivan and her team.

John Tannous, Executive Director

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