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Full Circle Trade & Thrift

Naming, Branding

When the Packards approached us to help them with branding their new thrift store, they knew they wanted to help the community, but not exactly how to make it all work. We collaborated with them to come up with the name, branding and a highly effective business model for creating the most benefit.

In just a little over 2 years, Full Circle has given away an average of $15,000 a month to select local nonprofits. Additionally, we worked with them to brand another program, Cash for Local Change, which encourages consumers to use cash at select businesses who in turn donate 1% of those cash sales back to the Full Circle nonprofits for additional revenue needs.

We are thrilled to be a part of this organization, and see them grow and support many nonprofits in need.

Shine Team:
Julie Sullivan: Art Director/Designer
Mary Ross: Designer

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Having been independent business owners for the last 30 plus years we knew the value of quality branding and graphic design in getting a business off the ground. 

We had worked with Julie on some other smaller projects for other non-profits we have helped and loved her work. What we didn’t realize was that she would help not only with the design and branding elements of our new venture but would help us to formulate the business model of co-promotion that has allowed Full Circle Trade and Thrift to transform an established thrift store operation that needed cash infusions every month for nine years, to a remarkable operation that in three short years is donating over $15,000 every month to local non-profits in the Flagstaff area.

Julie’s design work is impeccable, but what is even more important is that her advertising and business savvy have allowed us to take a good idea to heights we never imagined. If you’re thinking of starting a new enterprise or want to freshen your old image do yourself a favor and spend some time learning what Julie’s operation can do to help you.

–Bill & Barbara Packard

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